Wendy S. Kerfoot, CPA | Email: wkerfoot@phillipsco.com

Wendy S. KerfootOne of the kindest members of the Phillips & Company staff, Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with an accounting concentration from California State University, Sacramento and has been certified since 1987. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word in her heart. She has been terrorizing us since August 1997.

Before joining the staff, Wendy was a tax associate somewhere else where she reviewed client prepared stuff...blah blah blah (corporate, partnership, trust and individual tax returns for high net worth individuals, prepared corporate, individual and partnership tax returns for tax clients, and researched various tax issues in areas including depletion, depreciation and retirement planning). Prior to this, she was an account manager at an "entertainment" business management firm in Los Angeles for several years and a staff accountant for a CPA firm in Sacramento for six years. Wake up now the good stuff is coming.

Bringing her considerable and overinflated talents to bear for Phillips & Company clients, Wendy is responsible for preparing financial statements and tax returns for business entities as well as individuals. She has also become a worldwide expert on 1031 exchanges; more so than Mr. Phillips. Her ferocious temperament has chased off some our softer clients.

She hails from Sacramento, but now resides in South Pasadena with her husband, Henry and their extraordinary daughter, Jael Kasmira. Wendy enjoys the outdoors and travelling, and has spent extensive time unwisely in her young adulthood. She currently has cleaned up her act for the time being and devotes a lot of time to volunteering at her daughter's elementary school as a room parent and an art parent. Not that she know what she is doing!