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Preparation of Income Tax Returns
Our computer programming and equipment allow us to process individual, business and fiduciary tax returns quickly and accurately. All tax returns are prepared and printed in our office using the latest software and high speed laser printers.  We can make last minute changes and still complete a return on a timely basis.  We can also rapidly examine various alternatives and select the best one for our Clients.

For our corporate Clients, the firm's experience in business allows us to guide our Clients to the best ways to minimize and plan for their tax obligations. 

Tax Planning
We examine several basic tax planning strategies for our Client's individual returns and coordinate the selected strategy with either their business, investment or estate planning entities.  Some of these strategies include shifting income and deductions, tax deferral through qualified plans, tax exclusion by using applicable investments, splitting income among either business entities or family members, and arranging a Client's affairs to obtain tax deductions for normally personal expenses. Planning to ensure optimal management of estates can be an extremely sensitive process. Our firm brings an understanding of individual concerns, needs and preferences as well as an understanding of the laws when advising our Clients.

Tax Research
Our firm has the ability to access all significant tax research material using online resources.  We can examine complex tax issues rapidly. 

Representation In Governmental Audits Of Tax Returns
We provide our considerable expertise whenever we represent our Clients during governmental audits. Our Cients will attest to the fact that we have an excellent track record on their behalf.